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Aluminum Repair

Aluminum Repair in Abilene, TX

Big Country Collision’s mechanics understand aluminum repair in Abilene, TX. Call 325-692-4799 for service. 

Car manufacturers increasingly use aluminum panels to craft modern vehicles. This lightweight material helps cars move faster, reducing their resistance on the road. However, aluminum can also incur more dents and other damage than steel. Big Country Collision provides aluminum welding and body repair services in Abilene, TX, to mend your car’s damage. 

Why Do You Need To Seek Out Professionals for Aluminum Repair?

Traditionally, manufacturers produced cars with steel panels. While steel is heavier than aluminum, it has the advantage of stronger memory  that is, a metal’s ability to return to its original shape. Because aluminum’s memory isn’t as good as steel’s, it requires professional attention.

Aluminum also becomes stronger following cosmetic damage. Its strength can make collision repair more difficult. In other words, you can’t simply purchase a repair kit or use a DIY method to fix cosmetically damaged aluminum. You need professional collision technicians to perform aluminum repair in Abilene, TX. Otherwise, you risk damaging your car’s exterior further. 

Exceptional Aluminum Repair in Abilene, TX

Aluminum repairs require tools and equipment specially designed for this metal. Using the wrong tools to fix dented aluminum may result in future corrosion. For example, steel tools may leave particles behind following repair. The tiniest remaining particles can kickstart a growing area of corrosion, weakening the aluminum further and creating unsightly spots on the panel’s surface. 

At Big Country Collision, we keep aluminum vehicles separate from steel ones during collision repairs. Our mechanics use special tools made from aluminum to protect each panel’s integrity, ensuring our repair service’s longevity. Your car, truck, or SUV will look as good as new with no further complications. 

Our Aluminum Repair Process

Like many other metals, aluminum requires significant heat to successfully reshape and reform it. Our mechanics use aluminum-only welding tools to achieve the desired results. We focus on the whole panel, not just the dented area. 

In many cases, we can successfully repair the damaged panel without replacing it. However, we occasionally encounter extensively damaged panels beyond salvaging. Our mechanics will source a new panel, ensure it matches your vehicle’s exterior, and weld it securely to your vehicle. 

Choose Big Country Collision for Repairs Done Well

Big Country Collision makes aluminum repair in Abilene, TX, accessible and hassle-free. We work with your insurance company to protect your wallet and vehicle. Call 325-692-4799 to request a free estimate from our team.

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