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Advanced Driver Assistance System (Adas Recalibration)

Premium Services for Your Advanced Driver Assistance System in Abilene, TX

Does your advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) need recalibration? If so, book your appointment with Big Country Collision in Abilene!

The automation systems in modern vehicles make it easier to be a safe driver. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), ADAS increases driver safety by sensing potential dangers and reducing the risk of human error that could result in a collision. So what happens if your car’s ADAS malfunctions after an accident?

At Big Country Collision, we can recalibrate any advanced driver assistance system in Abilene, TX. As a premier auto body shop, our technicians know auto body damage can affect the functionality of autonomous vehicles. Rely on us and our years of experience to give you top-tier ADAS solutions for your vehicle. 

Expert ADAS Recalibrations in Abilene

More and more late-model cars are incorporating automation within their systems using lasers, radar, and cameras on the windshield. Automation examples include:

  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
  • Automatic parking
  • Pre-collision assist to alert the driver
  • Automatic emergency braking

Cars with ADAS often have problems after an auto collision, hail storm, or other causes of exterior damage. Fortunately, our Big Country Collision team can repair or recalibrate your vehicle’s advanced driver assistance system in Abilene, TX, to ensure your systems work correctly. 

No ADAS calibration is too complicated for our team. We work on everything from front bumper radars to exterior sensors. Our technicians have ample training in ADAS calibrations, so you can be sure your vehicle will function well after we care for it at our leading auto body repair shop.

Whether we’re repairing cracked windshields or fenders, we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. 

Our ADAS Calibration Process

As professional technicians, the Big Country Collision crew prioritizes precision and accuracy in everything we do. When you book an appointment for ADAS recalibration and bring your vehicle to our well-equipped auto body repair shop, we’ll do the following:

  • Initial vehicle scan to check windshield camera functionality
  • Static calibrations using a fixed image at a distance
  • Dynamic calibrations while driving the vehicle
  • Final scan to ensure the camera functions correctly after calibrations

Get the Best ADAS Services From Big Country Collision

Receive the best services for your car’s advanced driver assistance system in Abilene, TX, from our Big Country Collision technicians. With our years of experience and access to highly advanced diagnostic tools, we can recalibrate your car’s ADAS to ensure optimal vehicle performance—call (325) 692-4799 to book your free estimate today. 

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